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Unnaturals of Brisbane


KC Riley-Gyer


Welcome weary traveller. Come sit by the fire. Relax and let yourself be taken away by stories told.

Oh, how we know the darkness hides many things and throughout history there have been stories about vampires and were-creatures. The old European countries believed in them while the younger and newer ones thought of those from the Old World as old superstitious grandparents. However, some did believe the tales told by the old countries and hunted the 'monsters' in secret. For centuries this went on. Until one day... The 'monsters' revealed themselves to the world to be true. The modern world, who had spent its life in denial, was shaken to its foundations. While the believers found vindication for holding true. The unnaturals were now everywhere.

As a result of their unveiling, each group broke into factions instead of just verbally disagreeing. The humans were either welcoming or demanding the annihilation of the unnaturals. While the unnaturals split into groups who wanted to co-exist peacefully with the humans, and those who saw humans only as food. Yet a third faction of each remained neutral. They just wanted to go on with their lives as if nothing had changed while the unnaturals didn't want to be included in their species politics. However, if anyone from any faction openly broke the new laws that were created to encompass the unnaturals then they were deemed rogues and hunted like vermin.

With the Unnaturals coming out of hiding and gaining legal status, as well as the classification of rogues, a new branch of law enforcement was created within Australia. One they had never had before... The Bounty Hunters Association (BHA). The BHA members are all licenced, fully trained and are usually - but not exclusively - formally of the Australian police force or the Australian army. Only those from the BHA are officially allowed to hunt down the rogues; be they humans who take the law into their own hands or the unnaturals who won't follow any laws. However, as usually happens, the little people end up embroiled in such matters whether they wanted to or not, for good or bad.

This site is dedicated to novels written by KC (pronounced: Casey) Riley-Gyer. The world her novels are set around is similar to our modern world in every way except vampires and therians (were-creatures) have made themselves known. Every country treats them differently and these stories are about the humans, the bounty hunters and the unnaturals of Brisbane, the capital city on the south east coast of Queensland, the second largest state of Australia.

KC currently has four novels published in the series. They are - Objective: Crimson Empire, Changes in Degrees (Sarah's story part 1), Changes in Life (Sarah's story part 2), and Changes in Choices (Sarah's story part 3, the conclusion). KC is currently working on the fifth book of the series, which at this time has no working title, and is set a few years after the end of book 4. Keep an eye on her progress bar to see where she is up to. And, there are more stories yet to come.