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Q: Why is your postage so much?

A: That's what Australia Post charges me. Actually, it's a combination of the packaging and the postage, but my opening comment still applies.

Q: Why did you go with such small graphics on the covers of books 1 and 2?

A: The first publishing group I went through gave me a template to work with and covers 1 and 2 are the result. It's not what I wanted, the way book 3 looks is what I wanted from the get go, but I worked with what I was given.

Q: What is the 'Unnaturals of Brisbane'?

A:The Unnaturals of Brisbane is a series where vampires and were-creatures (therians as they are called in the novels) are known to the general population. Their acceptance is a mixed reaction throughout the world. Typically, there are those who don't follow the law and it spawned a new division in law enforcement in the form of Bounty Hunters - an occupation that had never existed in Australia before (in reality they still don't). Unfortunately for the hunters, they aren't much liked by the general population either. Chucked into the mix are average, every day people whose paths cross those of the vampires, therians and the hunters. As the series title suggests, the stories are set in Brisbane, Queensland Australia in the near future.