Chapter 1

"Life isn't stagnant, never has been and never will be. After 25 years, one would think I would be used to changes, but it's like someone keeps throwing road blocks in my way. Sometimes I am able to see them in time, others I crash into them in a big way. In all things, life changes, whether we like it or not." - Sarah.

"Just when one thinks things are going the way one wants them to, something happens and changes the way one looks at, and deals with, things. I guess my choice of lifestyle became the framework for how I react to situations I find myself in; and this is no different. No matter what path one chooses, changes always happen, these changes affect one's choices and thus one's sense of justice." - Kaelan.


It had been four hours since he had walked out of her life for the second time since she'd met him. Two days ago, when she woke up, she had thought the New Year was off to a good start. Today she didn't want to know about it. There were still almost eleven months left. She hoped it would improve as time went by, but doubted it would. Not now.

Having had next to no sleep during the past two days, since he had told her the hit was a go, she sat at his kitchen table, in his house and she was stuck there. He had all her stuff packed and moved to his house, and the apartment she used to rent was now occupied by someone else. It was still too emotional for her to even think about the house Brandi and Abel had left her in their will; let alone actually go to it. Not only that, but he had set up a new building on his property just for her. Her very own nail bar home business.

'Damn it, but I have to admit that he did a wonderful job in setting it all up with its own driveway and little car park. At first, I had thought he had just organised its construction, but I saw him working with the other men. Some of whom I recognised; like Scott and Zac. Who could have foreseen this latest particular problem of mine when agreeing to stay in his house.'

Deciding life must go on, she had dragged herself out of bed since she couldn't sleep. Sitting in her usual spot at the table she stared out the window looking at the bushland and the rain, which was a constant drizzle with everything looking grey. The weather suited her mood; miserable and bleak. With her hands wrapped around her cup of tea, she was building up the courage to pick up the phone to call Antonio. She had to do it. She had no choice. Neither she nor Kaelan had known that the rogue hunters, who had murdered her friends and had attempted to kill her at the end of October last year, had had a therian with them. As a result, neither she nor Kaelan had been armed with silver ammunition when the therian had attacked her. Only him being well armed, had used a shotgun to blow the therian to smithereens, had prevented her from dying.

Since she was back in his house, he obviously succeeded. To a point. There was less than two weeks to go till the next full moon and that didn't leave much time to learn things before the first change. She sighed, knowing she couldn't put it off any longer, stood up and headed into the kitchen. Rinsing her cup out, she then grabbed the phone and called Antonio.

"Hello, Antonio here." A chirpy Italian male voice answered.

"Hi Antonio. It's Sarah." She greeted hesitantly.

"SARAH! Shit Luv where the hell have you been.?"

"I." She didn't get the chance to say anything more.

".No one has heard from you in almost three months. We thought you died in that fire at Danny's place."


".You are an inconsiderate cow. You know that don't you?" He interrupted with a comment only a friend could get away with.

"ANTONIO!" She shouted in exasperation.


"I'm a therian and need your help." She responded quietly.

"Oh Luv, I'm sorry, but you had us worried you know." Antonio suddenly sounded upset instead of angry.

KC Riley-Gyer 2014